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Originally Posted by DScience View Post
I'm not trying to "band aid" things, but I don't KNOW for certain that the wheel NEEDS to be dished! Second, I don't have rear drop outs. It's a track bike, with rear fork ends and I've checked that those are aligned and to the best of my knowledge they are.
If you look below my signature, you'll see my quote that an ounce of diagnosis is worth a pound of cure.

Don't fix anything (including dishing the wheel) without first confirming that it's the actual problem. The flip-flop in the frame is a rough indicator of a possible dish error, but that's all it is. Go buy 2 bottles of decent beer, then bring them and your wheel to a decent mechanic (leave the bike home) and ask that he check the wheel dish with a wheel dishing gauge. Agree with him in advance that if it needs dishing, you pay him to do that, but if it doesn't he gets the beers as a thank you.

Once the wheel is dished, then you can eliminate that as a problem and if it's still off a bit, you can decide to live with it, or deal with the frame. The frame could have one dropout (the top surface) higher than the other, which is fixable with a file, or could have the chainstays not squared up, or some combination of both. It's easy to misdiagnose the actual frame problem so I suggest that if the bike handles well (rides no hands without compensating) you leave it alone.

BTW- I've seen perfectly aligned frames and perfectly dished wheels look like yours so unless you have a performance problem that you can identify (ie. always needs to be compensated slightly to the left) you leave it alone, since it's about whether it rides right, not whether it looks right that counts.
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An ounce of diagnosis is worth a pound of cure.

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