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I'd call it an epic fail but it wasn't really, just not an ideal ride. I am convinced though that there is no way I'm gonna bike commute to the new office. Every time I bike there on the weekend I remember my awesome 13 mile sprint commute to the old place. This 22 mile excursion isn't the same. The company isn't the same. No part of it can compete with past perfection.

Saturday I figured I knew the route so I didn't mount the GPS but kept it handy for the occasional fork in the road. Well I blew it and wound up getting off track twice, extending the ride in to 25 miles instead of 22. No biggies really but for the stops to reconnoiter and also a dam flat.

Working on your personal record with all prevailing conditions in your favor, good health, good sleep, good nutrition, light traffic, cloud cover from the sun, seemingly perfect temperatures, blah blah blah, and then stopping for directions, getting lost and getting a flat. so much for my perfect epic ride of the summer. Hmpf!

So I take out my repair kit and resolve to take no more than 15 minutes for this, which I complete within personal spec for a tube change. However I have to struggle with a lame defective presta valve, fumble with my adapter, and try feebly to swap my bike pump back and forth from presta tip to schrader tip cuz I'm an idiot and put the adapter on upside down and the pump comes apart on the sidewalk and I have to hunt for parts in cracks within weeds. So I'm cranky and this happens. ugh. I get the whole thing resolved without really losing my temper but not especially pleased except for getting in done in 15 min or less. Only problem is I can only pump my front tire to a rideable pressure and considerably less than what I prefer.

I get my butt back on track only to find I have to ride 3 miles on route 38 in freaking armpit Tewksbury. a 3 mile kill zone over shoulders plagued with killer potholes scarred by with the rims of blown out tires hunting for a coin-op or legit compressor gas station pump or better yet a bike shop with a tech who can do me a solid and get my front tire back to 115 lbs. 1st station has a coin op, but I only have 3 quarters. Go inside for change and the guy gives me attitude, why cuz I sweaty? cuz I'm not buying anything? cuz I'm riding a bike? thanks for nothin' a-hole. Then the darn nozzle doesn't work with the adapter on my presta cuz the pin is too broad and doesn't fit all the way in or something like that really I don't know cuz that presta is not behaving as expected, meaning I can't push it in no matter how I screw it in or out. How I was able to pump it with my bike pump and the adapter I don't know.

Next station has a legit pump but the worker removed the head cuz he's working on a car. Pass the new office which stinks compared to the old one and I spit, and hit the next station which only has a coin op but I like the people there cuz they are friendly. But as I pull in I almost wipe out cuz that front tire isn't up to full pressure. My heart skips as I almost embarrass my self again for the 5th time that day

Check the pin at this cheap pump and it's the same. Go in get some nutrition way too late, it's been like 2 hrs with only water ... dumb. call the only bike shop I know within 5 miles (out of my way) and they are closing soon, and they are not on my way home and my tire is rideable. Call information and ask for a bike shop near me and the Texan hottie can only suggest a motorcycle salvage shop which I dismiss summarily but maybe shouldn't have.

I try to put a couple more lbs in the tire with my bike pump, but still can't get it as hard as I normally like. please spare the puns, thank you

11 miles later I take yet another break for nutrition and this station has absolutely no pump ... eventually make it home but I'm not happy with my stats. luckily 3 hrs of cycling does wonders to wear off frustration and I'm ultimately glad to have gotten a decent ride with mileage over 40. it's been a couple months.

Yesterday I bought 4 Sunlite tubes 700x20-25 (27x1) 48mm schrader valve at REI for $5.50 ea. and will be swapping them in before my next ride

46.6 miles
32.3 max
14.4 avrg
3hrs 14 min saddle time (considerably more door to door including the multitude of stops)

Here's to better days and better rides!

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