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Originally Posted by tizeye View Post
What landlords are finding, if they weren't making their mortgage payment, they continue that behavior and don't pay rent. That only increases the cost as the landlord then has to pursuit eviction through the courts. (Actually, just thought of this as typing, bu given the legal expenses and lost income over the months, may be cheaper to bribe/pay them to leave. Call it "relocation assistance")
Nice idea.

In a slightly different direction, renting houses or apartments out is intricate. If renting a room out in the place you are in now is an option, it has serious advantages. It's called shared accommodation. The basic regulation about it can almost be summed up as 'whatever the landlord says is what has to happen.' You can actually give a person 10 minutes notice to move out.

I put up a page about it at shared accommodation. It is based on years of experience of doing it in Calgary, but I expect the situation would be similar in the States.
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