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Worth replacing a worn adjustable BB spindle or hub cones (beyond adjusting)?

I got a really nice road bike with complete Dura ace 7400/7401 groupo. The bottom bracket was really loose, since the guy who owned it was not aware of the adjustability. Consequently the bottom bracket spindle was pretty worn on the drive side: 180deg around, cleary visible and feelable with thumb, and somehow lesser on the none drive side. Nevertheless after adjusting the bottom bracket the bike rides nice and stiff and smooth.
Mostly to please my mind, I was searching for a new axle/spindle - which I installed today. (I don't like cartridge style bottom brackets for aesthetic reasons - that is way I searched for a new spindle). I don't really know what I was expecting - but the bike rides the same with the new spindle. By the way: the front hub cones also are feelable worn. So what is all that perfectionism about? Just a waste of money?

(PS: I forgot to mention, that I had replaced the balls already while I still was riding the old, worn spindle)

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