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The problem is that the weight distribution will actually be poor. Assuming the drive side race is brindled. The ball bearings will be rolling on a pocked surface not a smooth surface, so the ball bearings will be rolling on the tops of the craters, not evenly distributed on a smooth surface; if you hold the spindle vertically and spin the bearings inside a cup you can feel the difference between the smooth and brindled bearing surfaces. While you may not feel this at the pedal it will negatively effect the bottom bracket in several ways. One is you will not be able to adjust the the ball bearing preset to it's optimum. This means it will require constant adjustment and because the friction will generate more heat, grease will have a hard time staying on the bearing surface (causing even more friction and wear). So yes it will work for a while, but it will need much more attention on your part to keep it going..

BTW if you are not worried about a brindled axle, then you should certainly use the cheapest spindle you can find. With the more expensive Dura Ace and 600/Ultegra spindles you are simply paying for plating and polishing (and obviously 1mm on the non-drive side will make no functional difference).

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