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You're a student in a college town. When students come back in, bikes are suddenly at a premium. Wait a couple of months, and they will be much cheaper. I've gotten to the point where I just wait for the fall session at VCU, put my bikes on CL at the start, and sell them all quickly.

Second, if the Concord is actually your size, you should be able to buy at a discount. A 200$ bike in 54cm is a 125-150$ bike in 62cm. Sellers have a great deal of trouble moving them.

Third, up your budget just a bit. I think every student I have ever met has a bike budget of around 150-200$ or even less. Another 50$ can net you a lot more bike. Most CLs have a certain price above which stuff just sits. Most of it is overpriced crap, but some of it is gold.

So, four, edumacate yourself about the differences between a quality bike and a not-so quality bike. Tip: never trust a seller who is running a lot of gloss about a bike. Most of them are full of (expletive).
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