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Where You Live

I think I've got some sort of autumn time blues here so don't pay too much attention to this! I just got thinking about how much where you live can impact on your cycling and general sporting activites.

I currently live in a small town in the middle of Ireland with pretty bad roads around (esp. for cycling) and a pretty poor climate. Also, even though a few people do cycle there is no cylcing culture per se. I never bump into anyone else on a road bike when I'm on mine but I do spot them from the car sometimes. I could hook up with a club but its a forty something mile round trip to a meet and they didn't sound all that inviting.

Other people aside I think it helps a lot to be really psyched for something. In my case bad roads are OK when the weather is good and I imagine the weather wouldn't be such a factor if I had nice smooth marked roads. But the bad back country roads for the bad weather months (most months) ain't appealing very much. I'm dreading the idea of having to thoroughly clean the muck off my bike before I bring it back in the house. But I guess a lot of you guys always have to do that?

I'm strongly considering spending a year in a land that makes leaving the house more attractive. Perhaps somewhere more bike friendly. I get the impression a lot of people here live in cities making it a bit easier to find decent, well lit roads.

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