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Originally Posted by callig View Post
I finally got the last piece for my dream build on my bike a C-Record 1st generation cranks. They are mounted on an Athena bottom bracket with the derailleurs needing only slight readjustment. I am very happy with this but may upgrade to a C-Record bottom bracket over the winter.
Nice looking. Any idea what the frame is or was? is there a tubing decal left? Which model Athena BB are you using? You need to be careful which BB you use. If my sources are correct there was a '85-86 cranks that required a 116 lenght spindle with an ofset of 3mm to the right. Then an '87-94 crank with a 111 spindle with an offset to the right (I don't see an exact measurement but would assume it is 3mm also). The original Athena, the traditional 'cup and cone' BB has an overall spindle lenght of 116 and the right offset but again neither of the two references show the ammount. '85-86 crank '87-94

I am busy unpacking from a 2 month overseas adventure but I'll try and answer these offset questions
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