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Was looking at the Master online and couldn't find much info on them other than this thread and the ones from the Great BiC Scandal of '04, primarily at, which claimed to have evidence of them being Bic-able, but I still can't find any anywhere. I'm wondering now whether it was all hearsay.

Looking at the photo at, the key diameter looks as though it's probably quite a bit smaller than a pen, so are they perhaps using a narrower keyway? People seem to frequently forget that not all tubular locks are Bic-able, and it's primarily a function of the diameter of the keyway...

Watching the video at , the design looks an awful lot different than normal tubular locks, and the dead pins seem like they'd make these things impossible to pick with a pen. This guy seems to confirm it in the Amazon review at

Anyone know anything about the physical security of that link in between the cuffs? Looks reasonably beefy, but a lot less so than high-grade chain. Anyone tried to saw through it with something less foolproof than an angle grinder?

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