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Bike's too bulky for that last mile. Well, sometimes. Let's be honest: I walk the 3/4 mile, but now it's going to be a 1 3/4 mile. Even a folding bike requires changing out my clothes (because the chainring eats my pants and the chain stains my pants with chain lube, at least).

So ... ZBoard? Electric skateboard that moves forward when you lean forward and activates regenerative braking when you lean back. Easier to carry because it's less bulky, but the high-end model (the lightest one, yet longest battery life) weighs 30 pounds?! My bike weighs less!

It's like a baby version of an ebike. An ebike for people who aren't willing to put on biking gear.

Should I do it? I don't skateboard but my balance is pretty good, I can stand without support on public transit and walk on ice without falling. Also it moves forward when you lean forward and brakes when you lean back, so that's like automatic balance right there.
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