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Originally Posted by Looigi View Post
Uhhhh, yeah. A very old old problem with many established solutions: Roll up the leg, put a strap around the loose pant leg, or a gaiter, chain guard, zip off leg pants etc...

The electric skateboard looks like it'd be fun though, in the right environment.
I've done all these. Tied (it still hits the chain and gets splashed), rolled (it unrolls, and still gets hit unless it's rolled up to the knee), a chain guard I haven't used but I have derailleurs.

The pants I'm wearing are $70 twill pants (that I got for $24), they're basically slacks. They're fancy business casual stuff, not Party Guy break-away pants. The only real solution I've found with a bicycle is to not wear pants.

Skateboard might be fun, but if I was going to skateboard I'd get a skateboard. If I want to commute 20 miles on a bike I'll get an ebike because there's no way I'm going to do 20 miles every day up hill on my own power. I know people who do it, they're better at this than me. Boost to 20mph though, that would make all distances about half as long.

I have a regular bike because I like to bike, and because the places I want to bike to are within 5-10 miles; I'd get a regular skateboard if carrying a bike was unwieldly but everything was within a few blocks anyway. The problem I'm having is carrying a bike is unwieldly, but the distances are definitely regular bike distances, so a good Trek 2.1 would be great for ... about a mile and a half. Then I'd have to get on the train. Then I'd have to bike half a block (...). Then I'd have to lock up the bike and get changed. This isn't worth a mile and a half, but walking a half hour to ride the train for 20 minutes is ridiculous.

You know what? I have zero skateboard experience. I'm going to go buy a regular longboard for like $80 (... why are these things so expensive?!) and see if they're ridiculously bad for going uphill, like I think but like experienced skateboarders tell me is fine. If this turns into a thing, $800 electric skateboard maybe. Or maybe it's stupid and skateboarders belong in 14 year old kids' backpacks.
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