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Bikes: Too Many

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Originally Posted by Crazy Cyclist
It is now 103.9 per litre. I never thought it would get to a dollar per litre. I was in my LBS on Sunday, I got a broken spoke on Saturday and I brought it into the shop yesterday, I get it back tonight. While I was in the shop, I saw about 3-4 people looking at possibly buying bikes, in fact I believe one person had already purchased a bike. I was wondering if maybe they are pissed about the price of gas or they just want a bike, I hope it is both.

You can never have enough bikes on the roads.
Gas prices drive me insane. I was in VAncouver the other day, $108.9 / litre. Got out to Chilliwack and it was $77.4 / litre ( this is an hours drive away!) - over the Coquihalla to the Okanagan and it is $101.9.

However, when you pull up to the pump they are actually taking 3.5 litre off at the till so actually charging 98.40 / litre.

The equivalent to $101.9 / litre is US $3.22 per US gallon. Remember that the US gallon is 5/6 the size of an Imperial Gallon , why I don't know.

I am still amazed at the guys I see in F350's and Hummers flying around with their feet flat on the floor, I can only imagine the sight of the gas guage needle just dropping as you look at it. Can you imagine how much it would cost to fill one of those monsters?

I drive a MAzda and just about puke when I put $50 of gas into it. When I bought it three years ago it cost about $32 to fill it.

My wife drives a PAssat - Premium unleaded - OUCH!
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