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Originally Posted by Doug5150 View Post
Some people claimed that it was, even insisted that it must be since the key is the same--but of the few people who claimed this, nobody ever posted a video of it. (remember how many different bic-pen Kryptonite videos there were?) Some customers complained about it--some people probably even threw theirs out--but Master never offered refunds because they knew the Bic pen trick wouldn't work as well.
Yeah, that thread was really frustrating me -- people were being so furious at Master Lock without having any evidence at all that it was actually Bic-able.

but if it was me... I think rather than try to cut the middle link; I'd see about popping the rivets out of it. wedge something between the two plates, grab one side with vicegrips, twist till a plate deforms and rivet breaks out?
The inside of the links is really small -- I can't imagine how you'd get something in there to pry the plates apart without breaking the thing you stuck in there.

Other avenue of attack.... I notice what then the cuff is closed, the tip of the ?shackle? protrudes out the other side; suppose you used a vice or other clamping device to push that back through the lock?
You'd have to have a way of getting purchase on the other side of the cuff, and the thing doesn't really look like it has any straight edges for a clamp to push against.
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