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Originally Posted by Hasselhof
Come visit Brisbane, Australia. We are in the dark depths of winter at the moment with a freezing 22 degrees C (72 F) today, scattered cloud and an icy 5km/h wind. Just got back from a ride with friends and we all bi@tched about how far away summer seems.

Its kinda funny actually as the past week has been on average the coldest we've experienced this winter, one day the max was only 19 degrees C (66 F) yet there were more cyclists out and about in the city than I've seen on any sunday for the past few months.

(Oh, and whats rain??? I haven't seen any of that in a while)

I've heard from many older Californians that Australia is what California used to look like in the 60's - before the developers got a hold of it.

Southern California ( is an awesome place to be, especially if you like outdoor activities - but you really pay a premium to live here.

If I wasn't here, I've always likes Long Island, NY which is surprisingly temperate except for a few weeks of sub-zero weather.

I also like the Coastal Carolinas, but haven't really spent enough time there to really get the feel of the place.
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