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Originally Posted by operator
High gas prices won't force people who drive now to start bike commuting. Maybe the people who live really close to work might consider it, but on the whole even if gas prices went to 2 bucks a litre it won't happen.
You're right. It would have to go pretty high, my guess is about $5/litre which would be a $240 fill-up on my vehcicle. My hope is that it will:
Make people drive less. When you get home after work, stay the hell home and don't be out driving around. Less traffic on the road makes for a better bike ride for me.

Make people choose a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle. Smaller the vehicles makes for a better bike ride for me.

Make people consider alternative forms of transportation - walking, bus, bike. Again, less cars = better bike ride.

Less damn youngsters on the road. I hear them outside my house peeling the car tires and screeching up and down the road like gas is free. Less of THEM on the road makes for a vastly better bike ride for me.

Consider car pooling, combine trips, consider the distance (can I walk instead?), etc. For example, I have adjusted my work hours to match my wifes so we only take one vehicle to work. Sometimes I have to wait up to an hour to 1.5 hours for her to get off work, so I either catch up at work, read, go for a walk, run some errands, etc. This is what people have to do, put up with some minor inconvienences to reduce their cost for fuel. I'd bet, much to their surprise, they'd find out it is not that inconvienent and there are advantages if you put your mind to it.

I'm happy it's going up, can't get the smile off my face. See?
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