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3" of gravel is what took me down about six weeks ago. I ended up with 13 stitches and a bruised rib. My advice for gravel is don't try to ride through 3" deep gravel.

To try to be more helpful, the main thing I watch for in gravel is my turns. I try to not have any sharp turns and I try to leave room to straighten out if the wheels start to slip. The above mentioned crash happened on a turn where I was trying to avoid loose gravel (fresh chip seal) on the road and ended up riding on 3" of gravel that looked like it was paved. I was down before I knew there was a problem.

Even on straight stretches, deep gravel can do bad things to you, when I see deep loose gravel ahead I try to make sure I'm going straight and I stop peddling and I have a death grip on the handle bars.

The other main dangerous thing I run into on gravel is washboards. These are usually only dangerous when you are going down hill and high speeds. It turns out the bike brakes are ineffective when the wheels are in the are.
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