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Ridley guys - sizing assistance


I am looking to move from my current Kona Major Jake to a Ridely x-ride.

My Major is a 56 and I'm running a 100mm stem. saddle height is 74cm. 6mm saddle tip to BB. 5cm drop to bars. im 5'10.5"


Being unable to get all of my kit on to dial a fit, Im looking to you all for a bit of assistance.

anybody have a suggestion on the size?

Im leaning toward the 52. With a setback post and a 120mm stem - I can get the cockpit set. Though I think Ill be seeing a bit of spacers on there.

the 54, when I look at the geo - looks like it will be more like a standard 57tt (the ht and seat tube angle really stretch it out)...


anyhow - enough of a ramble. what do you all say?
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