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Originally Posted by Boudicca
But it might encourage them to buy marginally more sensible driving machines than hummers.

Or is that just wishful thinking?
Wishful thinking. If someone can drop $60,000 on a status symbol vehicle, they can afford an extra tank's worth of gas every month. This goes for more than just the HUMMER, as well.

Porcshe Carerra GT: 10 / 16
Mercedes C320: 14 / 19
Bently Arnage: 10 / 14
Chrysler 300C/SRT: 14 / 20
Hummer H2: 12 / 16

So... It's not just the idiots in hummers trying to make up for what we show off in our tight pants.. an extra $2,000/year is hardly anything to the people who can afford the above listed cars. A drop in the bucket but something to whine about anyway.
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