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I use both. Soldsecure tests and rates locks as "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze" (meaning "high security", "medium security", and "minimal security". The "Gold" and "Silver" ratings are dominated by Kryptonite and OnGuard (including OnGuard's UK "discount" brand, "Magnum").

The Kryptonite New York 3000 ranks a bit higher than OnGuard's best lock, the OnGuard Brute. The New York 3000 uses a "cut resistant" steel that makes it both tougher and lighter than the Brute.

The "best buy" bike locks are the OnGuard Pitbull, and its Magnum brother. Those models can often be found for under $30, yet still provide the "Silver" level of security of $50 Kryptonite models.

As the rankings at SoldSecure indicated, NONE of the cable lock models from Kryptonite or OnGuard obtained a "Gold" rating. Cable locks are just a neon sign telling experienced street thugs: "Get your FREE bike right here". A skilled crook can open a cable lock faster with his tools than YOU can using your key.

Contrary to "myth", Abus does not make a "better" bike lock. Abus sells locks in all price ranges. Kryptonite and OnGuard locks test as well, or better, than Abus locks in SoldSecure and Cycling Plus testing in each price category.
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