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Originally Posted by Roody
I agree with you except for one thing -- I think it is for everyone -- they just don't know it. Really, I know people who live in mansions and have everything. They are just as miserable as I am.

Thoreau: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Studies by social psychologists show that people who win the lottery are ecstatic for a while, but after a few months, most are less happy than they were before they won. Yeah you do need some things to be happy, like maybe a nice bike and enough PB&J to keep the cranks turning. After that, you have to sit down and decide what else you really need, and what just gets in the way.
I think it can "be" for everyone, and I know for a fact most people would handle it just fine if properly motivated, but in the US especially we still have 50+ years of latent brainwashing to overcome that is still quite influential.I was raised to avoid exercise, waste energy, get married, have 2 cars, raise 2.5 kids, and live in the 'burbs somewhere, right or wrong, unsustainable or not, this was what was expected,and to a large degree it still is, I see it and hear all the time.These days people like me in a midwestern city like this are basically a freak show as far as most are concerned.I think most can see the benefits and understand the motivation, but there is still a huge kinda detached feeling I get from some folks when they ask me about being a messenger and spending huge amounts of time riding on the street and being carfree.That kind of life just goes against everything most of us have been raised to believe and think, cognitive dissonance puts the jedi mind phuq on most folks when it comes to things like this.My relatives I think still dont get it, but for me, the bottomline is freedom,plain and simple, its freedom.
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