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On a set of Shimano DT stops, the option shown in BG's large photo is not available. If you'll note the bosses on my white bike, the "key" is part of a round boss that extends 3-4 mm out from the DT, so a flush mount like the picture is not possible. That beautiful Nishiki has the same problem. Notching for the key does no good whatsoever, as the stop is not going to go over the round raised "base" of the stop.

I have not rec'd the Origin 8 black pastic stops yet. However, I spent about 45 minutes on a set of Shimano DA DT stops. Basically, for mine and steadyshifter's purposes, you have to file the entire back of the stop flat, leaving a ridge along the "barrel" where the cable runs. This brings the stop up flush against the round base of the braze-on. It's not a shifter mount, so you don't have to worry about it spinning, anyway.

An M4.5 bolt may be on the radar, which would complete the package. I'll still take a whack at the Origin 8 stops, but for now, the DA cable stop is how it needs to be. The cable will come in close to the DT, as intended. A good bolt will hold it just fine. My decision, right now, is more of an aesthetic one; paint the stops to match the bike or leave as is. No biggie either way.
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