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my priorities in life have definetely shifted this way. i've gone from wanting great tech stuff like stereos and cars, and lived in LA and wanted fancy job with good recognition. i moved back to denver six years, and no great thing happened to change me, i started concentrating more on living and experiences rather than recognition and stuff.

i've also had a nice stable job for the past six years - and where i'm surrounded by salespeople and other folks who ARE into collecting stuff and materialism, so it's a constant reminder of what i DON'T want.

but since i've moved back i've been able to save money/pay down debt and buy a house

luckily my sig. other and i share a car, i use my bike for work commuting, and the money i've saved has allowed for more savings, and my goal of traveling overseas more (one of my life goals)

so my lesson: by living simply, cutting out extraneous expenses, buying used, (used car, used books, etc). you actually live RICHER, through the things you end up being able to afford than mean things to you (like travel)
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