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nothing wrong with that... i think simplicity is more a state of mind than what you own and don't own.

when someone owns boats, multiple cars, tons of different services that you have to pay monthly subscriptions for, it can be a job in itself managing everything. (insurance, taxes, etc)

i love flying planes, i have my pilots license, and been working on and off on my instrument rating. it's definetely expensive, and punchin holes in the sky out in the country isn't the most efficient use of time. but it keeps my mind sharp, i enjoy the practice and fast communication with air traffic. i've considered purchasing a share in ownership of an aircraft, but prefer to just rent them, as having to deal with owning one would just complicate my life.

i think if you live your life "simply", and keep focus of what's important in life, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to your passion, whether it's old cars, planes, ships in a bottle or whatever makes you happy.
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