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Originally Posted by HiYoSilver

That is the same report I heard from a biker friend here. I'm thinking of doing it once just to say yeah I did it. But definitely expect a slow ride with the most risk coming from the naive riders, especially since they moved the start time to 10pm instead of 12. I've also heard the food is not to die for.
The memory is coming back to me more... the food was crap. It was a breakfast burrito (I think from Qdoba, but not sure), and was mass produced, made ahead, and kept warm. I think I took one bite and threw it out. Drank the juice, then headed back to our friend's house just off Speer and cooked up some bacon and eggs. Much better!

By about mile 5, we'd gotten so frustrated with riding in the pack that they other guy I was riding with and I kicked it up a few gears, went way out to the left of the roadway and rode a bit faster (only dropping back towards the group if any cars came past, which was very rare). Far safer this way, and we just hung out about 2 miles from the end and waited for the girls to catch up.

May as well try it for yourself - just be on your toes the whole time!! At least you'll get a t-shirt out of the deal .

I saw in your other post you asked about bike security. If you're asking about locking the bike up, any lock will be fine. With so many unlocked bikes around, locking the bike to anything will be enough deterrent for a would-be-thief (if there are any) to grab a different bike.
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