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Originally Posted by HiYoSilver
Great. I just have a weak krypto cable that I use for the garage.

You must be south. One day it looked like rain and made the mistake of wearing a rain cover. Ugh, way too warm.

I figure if top's dry, it doesn't matter if bottom is soaked.

I really appreciate all your feedback. Again, I'll probably try it just to have something to talk about with my brother in law, we're planning to do a 15-25 mile fun ride later in the month. No one else in the family enjoys biking. He returned to biking about 3 years ago, so I expect to be creamed, but what the heck. It still should be fun riding around the riverways.
I live in SE Aurora, and work in Englewood (I-25 & Lincoln). It seems like quite a few of the storms have been hitting here recently, and pretty much travelling exactly along my commuting route!

For these warm storms, I've just been wearing a vest which keeps my chest from getting too wet - being wet doesn't bother me when it's not cold. Pretty soon I'll be switching to the waterproof jacket. You're right - top being dry is far more important, especially when it's cold out!

Enjoy the ride! Hopefully it's improved over what it was like last year. Might be worth going out in the earlier 'serious' wave. At least those riders might know what they're doing. I wouldn't worry too much with bells, horns, and "on your left"s. Lots of people at a slow pace equaled lots of chit-chat last year, and not many people watching or listening out for other riders. Ride to protect yourself and you'll be fine, though possibly still a bit frustrated!!
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