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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
While I also believe it is from Japan, that has nothing to do with the parts. I have Italian, Taiwan, English, French, Dutch, and USA bikes all with Japanese parts. Japan was a major source of parts and components, that manufacturers from all over the world bought from.

As far as what it is worth, I sold one just like it for $50. If I would have taken the time to fully refurbish it, I probably could have gotten $125, maybe $150 max for it. Entry level from that period, back when entry level was pretty basic: claw RD hanger, steel crank, stem shifters, turkey levers, steel seat post, etc.

It's low end, Bianchi name is about all it has going for it. As-is, I would put it at $50. I hope you didn't pay a whole lot more than that.
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