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Originally Posted by Raiyn
Kryptonite earned my business.
  • Excellent customer service during the "troubles"
  • Didn't deny the problem like a certain other company
  • Rectified the problem WITHOUT having to be sued by anyone (There was a {No} Class Action suit brought about AFTER the fact by some greedy lawers)
  • Handled the replacement with no cash outlay from me
I agree. Sure, it took some people a long time to get their replacements, but I was impressed with the way Kryptonite bit the bullet and took a huge hit with little fuss from their end. I've come to pretty much expect the opposite these days, what with Enron, Worldcom, et al.

As soon as Kryptonite's are back in regular stock at the local bike shops (last time I checked, they had still pulled all except the combo locks, which were sold out), I'm buying one.
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