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Originally Posted by Wurm you know what the rating is on "The Club"?
Although the "Bike Club" is still sold by some on-line dealers, "Winner International" no longer imports the "Bike Club". I have a "Bike Club Ultra" that I still use for "light" security. It has a pickproof "flat" key, and adjusts to fit snugly around the tire and locking post, leaving no room for prying tools. "Bicycling" gave it a "medium" rating some years back.

IF (and ONLY if) the design of the "Bike Club Ultra" was combined with the high quality steel used for the New York 3000, it would be the "ultimate" bike lock. Light, compact, pickproof, and pryproof.

The closest U-locks in weight and convenience to the "Bike Club Ultra" is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini or the OnGuard Bulldog Mini.
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