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commuting bags....waxed canvaa?

Hello fellow commuters. I have stumbled upon a few questions that I would like answered by those of you that come from experience. I am actually looking at a mess bag from reload or seagull, and I really like how waxed canvas looks(one of those guys). I have heard that they age and develop more "characteristics" as time goes just wondering, what does this exactly mean? For those of you with waxed canvas products, do you feel that this is true? I have an idea of what that means, just wanted to hear it from actual users.

Are they just a step below corudura in durability?
Another concern that I am having is that do they require any type of aditional care? Apply wax every year? I dont know. Whats their expected life? I know it varies on the abuse and how used it gets daily, im just asking for in general...if theres anything additional you have to say then youre welcomed
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