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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
Cotton canvas feel is what Cordura was trying to emulate,
but as a synthetic has a sun damage to the polymer chains of the Nylon
Issue, that cotton is less subjected to ..
Unfortunately, sun damage isn't the only problem with life on a bike, I'd worry a lot more about the abrasions; I've destroyed (or at least seriously messed up) both a waxed canvas and a Cordura panier. Neither of them is all that durable compared to the asphalt.

Waxed canvas looks great, unfortunately that's just about the only thing it has going for it compared to modern materials. It's less waterproof than synthetics, usually weighs more (if two things do the same job, and one weighs twice as much as the other, why bother with the extra weight?) and costs an arm and a leg. It does look gorgeous though.

The faults canvas have are relatively small, but real enough that I've had to accept, I like waxed canvas bags because they look nice, and no other reason. Do it, and accept it's a bit of an affectation.
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