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Yet another, which should I buy...?

I need to get a new (to me) bike fairly soon for winter commuting in the PNW. We had a great summer and even though I love my 3-speed, my commuting mileage has easily doubled since my son started preschool, and the 3-speed really doesn't cut it in this hilly town anyway.

I have seriously been eyeing the Surlys, mainly the Cross Check (rode it, loved it for the most part - minus one thing I will get to in a second) and I am going to try out a LHT soon.

Mileage will be approx 25-30 daily on weekdays. I need something that will be good in the rain throughout the winter and able to carry the load of a toddler on a bike seat (no trailer, we have one but I hate cycling with it), and I have a strong preference for IGH so I will get it built with either 8 or 11 speeds.

The one thing that I am worried about is that I have had a step through bike for a while, and of course the Surlys don't come that way. There aren't too many NEW mixte options out that there I know about (Soma, Riv, and a new Raleigh). Any recommendations on any new or old mixtes that might suit my needs? I hate not being able to try out a ride before buying it, which is part of the reason I have been hesitant to get a Soma or Rivendell...

oh, and my budget is fairly flexible - I'd like to keep it at 2K, but I can go up a little and naturally if I can get something cheaper that will work well, all the better.
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