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Winter Commuter Bike Dilemma

Hey guys,

I have a question/dilemma. A neighbor recently gave away a mid 90s Trek 800 Sport for free! Free is a great price, although it has some issues. However, for the price of donating a Raleigh mountain bike frame that I've had laying around, I've been able to: put in a new bottom bracket, get new handlebar grips, replace brake cables & housing, replace 6-gear shifter with a 7-gear shifter to match the 7-speed rear freewheel (I think originally this may have been a cassette, downgrades suck!)

Now everything works great on the Trek except for worn out hubs on the front and rear wheels. The only other problem with this bike is that the frame is 18" (a little small for me, I'm 5' 10"), and I also saw Gary Fisher Gitche Gumee in a pawn shop for only $108 that fits me perfectly and seems solid like a tank.

I am going to use a mountain bike commuting in the winter this year, and my plan was to use a rigid-fork mountain bike. I could fix the hubs in the Trek, but it still feels small (and yes, I have adjusted the seat and handlebars to a perfect height, its just that the top tube seems really low). Otherwise, I could plop down $108 for the Gary Fisher and have a solid, ready-to-go bike that I can mount my fenders, lights, and rack to, and ride during the cold months.

So... what would you do?
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