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Originally Posted by Burton View Post
I did see several different lens designs including several vented models likely to help deal with exactly the situation you're describing. The selection of lenses I picked myself don't actually contact the cheek bones and as face coverage I use a neoprene balaclava or face mask which may deal with moisture differently than a scarf would. Are those available where you are? Some specialty ski shops should carry them. During the winter I use the Oakley / balaclava combo with a downhill ski helmet. Tried goggles but that just gets too warm.
I think it's best to get in the shop and try the different lenses out, i have one hybrid lens and that's better but I would rather have the full face coverage for other reasons. The heater looks like it would be even more venting than the other two. As for my mask (i know it's O/T, but...) my main problem is just covering my nose. since it has to ride so high up on my face, it has to vent into my glasses. i've got a sweet wool balaclava that's super warm but it has the same issue and i look like your typical 80's movie terrorist. it honestly isn't too big of an issue for me on my actual riding, If it's sunny enough to wear sunglasses i dont need the mask, and if it's cold/rainy enough, then i don't need the glasses for bug/sun protection. Just putting the information out to the OP in case his conditions are different than mine.
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