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It's a sad terrible situation here on long Island, there's no traffic lights & the people who are behind the wheels that normally drive like Jack Asses are racing around with their SUV's to get from point A to point B then waiting on gas lines for 5 hours for 10 gallons. The truth is the gasoline should be reserved for generators & Emergency vehicles not Little Dicky in his Escalade.
I'll check out your video links no doubt we cant continue to rely on burning fossil fuels @ the rate we do . Thats my trip with my love for E-Biking I really believe they are an alternative mode of transport that makes sense for the future for a lot of people who can safely embrace E-Biking with the ability to properly maintain them & safely use them, heck I'm living proof I sold one of my cars & put 4200 miles total on my E-Bikes since Feb. 2012 & I'm 50 years old. Say a prayer for the East coast, NJ, long Island , Conn it's starting to get cold & people have no place to go thousands lost everything, towns washed away our own Katrina & the clean up has just begun.
Also this.. God Forbid there was a Tsunami, or Chemical or attack of some sorts, I could easily escape the area faster then any car which would be useless due to traffic jams & violence. Man I could boogie 60 miles in no time to safety, I would just have to get a holster for my shotgun & do like Arnold did on his Fatboy in Terminatior 2

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