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Originally Posted by turbo1889 View Post
Having a bike period and knowing how to use it in rough terrain (think mountain bike and mountain biking skill set) along with all the extras to keep it moving (patches, extra tubes, and other necessities) is extremely useful in an infrastructure break down event regardless of what causes it. To that I would add that having a utility bike capable of hauling significantly more then just you and/or a trailer is even better. Add to that a bike with motor assistance either electric or another power source such as a small extremely fuel efficient small internal combustion engine and that is even better. If you can get 150 miles per gallon even with only five gallons of gas to your name you can go a long ways or last a long time with short errands before your on pedal power only.

I'm a conservationist not an environmentalist. The vast majority of electrical power in the U.S. and for that case the world in general is generated by the burning of fossil fuels or even worse nuclear fission power which is the most dangerous technology of all and represents far more of a threat to life on this planet then all the fossil fuels in existence and should only be used in situations where it is the only practical choice despite the dangers, deep space exploration probes such as our current rover on Mars comes to mind. Long story short most electricity is dirty electricity the pollution is merely moved to the power plant chimney rather then the tail pipe on your vehicle. Granted some of the cleanest fossil fuels available such as natural gas (methane) are much more easily used to generate electricity in a power plant then used in a portable vehicle due to storage issues.

Long story short, its going to be a long road and there are no magic bullets (unless someone miraculously cracks the cold fusion conundrum without generating any unforeseen negative side effects like nuclear fission power generation) we all need to take individual stewardship and make wise choices to limit unnecessary waste. The key is not in any government program (don't forget the government has the worst pollution record of anyone especially when it comes to nuclear pollution) the key is with us and the choices and decisions we make. Driving a light vehicle that gets 100 to 150 miles per gallon whenever practical and saving many trips in a larger less fuel efficient vehicle if multiplied millions upon millions of times over around the whole planet would have a huge impact. Small choices when repeated over and over make huge differences in the long run, the solution is grass root from the bottom up not from the top down, it always has been and always will be.

The little people on the bottom are smart enough (or at least more likely then the idiot politicians and bureaucrats who have their collective heads too far up their collective rears to see squat) to realize that an electric car (or for that matter bike) is not a 0% pollution vehicle unless the power used to charge it comes from a non-polluting source and the hardware of that non-polluting source is itself made using non-polluting technologies and the same goes for the hardware on the bike. Where did the materials to build the solar panel come from and to build the bike and its batteries, mining and petro-drilling most likely for the vast majority. How much damage to the ecosystem was done there? And how about when those batteries wear out and the same for the solar panel neither of which have an unlimited service life what happens then to deal with the waste and even if it is fully recycled is the recycling process fully ecologically sound.

The footprint created by our activities and choices can never be fully eliminated. It will never be 0% but we can certainly make wise choices to reduce it. Even without major life-style changes simple choices repeated often enough by enough people will make a huge difference. Do your part, do more then your part. Everyone should be applauded for the conservation efforts they have made any movement in the right direction is ultimately to everyone's benefit. I would be surprised if anyone of us here on the e-bike section of this forum who has been using an e-bike on a regular basis for any length of time hasn't encountered one of those pedal only snobs who treat us nastily because we aren't going as far as they do. My response is always the same and in a nut shell I ask them if they would prefer I drive a big gas guzzler instead.

I think some of the e-bikers have a similar snob problem and fail to appreciate the reductions that others make that aren't quite as much as theirs. Some of the e-bike guys get all snobby about someone using a bicycle that is gas burning motor assisted or someone riding one of those light motorcycles that are basically a street legal dirt bike (which by the way often get upwards of 70-mpg). We all need to do our part and anyone pulling at least some of their weight should be appreciated for doing so.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. Just felt the need to inject some "big picture" outlook into a thread that seemed to be going the way of an erroneously simplistic mindset that could be summed up in an attitude projection of: "Gas burning cars caused Super Storm Sandy ~ E-bikes are completely pollution free ~ Therefore all gas burning large vehicles and those who drive them are bad and all e-bikes are good ~ We be the good guys you be the bad guys ~ Now we get all snobby about it."

The "only" Eco friendly way to get around is by walking, anything else would need something that is not as Eco friendly, thus bad for the environment...
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