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Exactly, 350htrr & Metal Man, you get my point:

Everything is a matter of degree and everyone needs to have the mindset of realizing the size of their own footprint and making wise choices to minimize it and conserve our resources and environment. Lots of small changes multiplied many times over make a big difference, steady constant improvement based on you actually doing something as an individual instead of expecting someone else to fix the problem especially government (which rarely fixes anything and if it ever does can't see to do it without screwing up other stuff even worse) should be the goal not stopping everything and instantly going back to the stone age walking around barefoot like the radical eviro-nuts would prefer. Take the very materials we build our houses out of for instance. I made a conscious choice to build my place almost completely out of natural stone-work and natural wood-work using non-chemically treated natural glass fiber insulation with stainless steel thin sheet panels for the roofing. Natural stone work using raw stone and a non-exotic-chemical mortar mix has far less ecological impact then poured concrete and if done correctly will last literally for thousands of years as proven quite well by ancient stone work still standing to this day. Provided they aren't cut down faster then they grow back with minimal invasive selective harvesting using wood from trees without any chemical processing or other dumb stuff done to the wood has much less impact then almost any other resource. Natural non-chemically treated fiberglass is merely a mix of natural minerals (or better yet recycled glass) heated to the melting point and drawn into fibrous strands. Yes of course there is fuel used in that heating process but if the resulting insulation value saves more energy in heating needs for ones home then is used in melting the glass then it is a net gain. Unfortunately, there are only two practical roofing materials that will truly stand up in my area to the elements without having to be redone every so many years or so and thus of course creating a continual drain on resources and a disposal problem, namely a sod roof or a metal roof. Although my place is built deep into a side-hill to use the thermal heat-sink of the earth to keep it well above freezing in the winter even without any additional heating sources and naturally cool in the summer it wasn’t built deep enough in or with heavy enough timbers to make a sod roof practical so I had to go with metal and since if I was going to use metal I wanted it to last nearly forever so as to make it a one time expenditure not just in the financial sense but the ecological footprint sense as well so I used stainless steel sheet metal instead of regular steel roofing which will eventually rust away despite being coated with some not so eco-friendly paint or zinc galvanization coating.

In the dead of winter I use only about 2-4KW of electric energy to heat my place to a toasty warm 70+ degrees or so when I’m not burning wood bio-mass in a high-efficiency double stage catalytic stove instead of using electricity since when done correctly burning fire-wood is a renewable resource that is part of an already existing natural cycle. My home isn’t made out of a bunch of chemical laced poisonous materials that have a large ecological footprint. That was a conscious choice I made, yet I still have a car and a truck and sometimes drive them and burn gas doing so but I do so only as necessary and use a pedal only bike, an e-bike, a bike with pedals and motor assistance from a small efficient IC-engine, or a full blown motor-cycle because they are all in degrees of margin more efficient with a smaller foot-print then the heavy vehicles.

That kind of thinking, that kind of mindset that recognizes the situation and makes wise choices to maintain a comfortable and healthy life-style while substantially reducing ones ecological footprint is the kind of thinking that will actually fix the ecological problems we face. Why on earth would you use a nasty harsh artificial chemically laden cleaner to clean your toilet bowl when there is a clear alternative that is a plant extract based natural product purpose made for that use that works just as well the vast majority of the time. Yes, its $4 and change a bottle instead of $2 and change a bottle but it is so strong and so concentrated you only need to use a tiny bit and because a bottle lasts for more then twice as many cleans actually turns out to be cheaper. Yes, if you got a really bad one to clean you might need to use the nasty harsh stuff every once in a while, and I totally understand that, but why aren’t you using the safe stuff the rest of the time?

As a consumer you ultimatly have to power to vote with your dollar (or whatever other currency you use) and that is the most powerful form of voting there is and as a consumer you have literally hundreds of choices to make every pay-check as to what you buy and how you use it and for what and in most cases there is a product with a lower ecological footprint you could use instead to satisfy the same purpose in many cases with no long run additional cost to you compared to the alternative you are already using and in many cases actually a savings to you. So let’s start all making better choices, they don’t have to be perfect choices just progressively better ones.

An e-bike is one of those choices. If you need to get yourself and a light cargo load from point A to point B depending on the distance, time allowed, and conditions an e-bike may be an excellent choice that is better for your health, better for your wallet, and better for the ecosystem then driving a conventional gasoline powered heavy vehicle. Same goes for other light vehicles all the way from a pedal only bike up to a full blown motorcycle that is still more efficient then a heavy vehicle.

Provided “better” is a continuous exercise performed by enough people at the grass roots it is all that is needed to get our society back on the right track. Problem is that people have been brain washed into looking only at drastic shattering changes driven by a radical environmental agenda that divides people and creates unnecessary conflict based on unpractical demands instead of just making continuous small changes that are all just a little bit “better”. A “better” that gains momentum and builds on itself.

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