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Originally Posted by Scaliboy62 View Post
People are waiting 2,4,6 hours or more on these lines to fill up their cars when an E-Bike would handle most of the tasks they use their cars for as mine does.
Even though portable generators can be tricky when used with some electronics I believe most E-Bike batteries & chargers would fare OK being charged with a generator. & Then there's always a Solar set up to recharge these bikes
As much as I like electric bikes, I'd say in that situation you'd probably be better off with a bicycle with a gasoline engine on it. It has all the advantages of the electric bike in a disaster (you probably don't care about emissions or noise in that situation) but has the added advantages of being able to "charge" it at a gas station quickly.

And yes, gas might be hard to find, but gas to power your generator is hard to find too, and the motor bike can be "charged" in a minute or so rather than many hours like a generator would require. It would be more efficient to take the gasoline out of the generator and use that to refill your tank to burn the gasoline in the generator to charge a battery, and you could do that on the road more easily as well. (You might even be able to siphon gas out of cars if it really is an emergency and bad enough to warrant stealing.)

That said, bicycles with electric motors or gas engines tend to suck when the motor/engine isn't on. They're still ridable, so they beat a motorcycle, but they suck compared to a standard bicycle. If you're a fairly strong cyclist, you might do better with a normal bike if you think fuel/recharging will be hard to find.
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