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Let's see, the power is out gasoline is not available, so you can not run a generator, nor you car to charge your batteries. Assuming your do not have a wind generator that you set up after the storm, nor solar power, how do you see an electric bicycle as being viable?

That is the problem I always see when people start talking about rechargeable battery powered stuff like it was independent of the grid.

I only see two viable methods. You either have an oil well in your back yard (one home we had listed when I was in real estate actually did, free natural gas was written into the title) to run a generator off of, or you have your own mini-hydroelectric plant (surprisingly easy to do if you live in the mountains and have a good water source). I can not think of any other long term viable way to have power off the grid that a hurricane can not destroy (like wind, tidal, or solar power).
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