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Graywolf lets start with you- my bike charges to full in 2.5 hours . Today I rode to my Doctor's office 14 miles away, went to the ATM, Post Office & Food Market then checedkout the damage closer to the water where i live I rode a total of 33 miles on my E-Bike. Since the hurricane a week ago I bet I racked up 90 + miles taking care of business & running errands & checking in on friends. My car is in the garage gassed up & used once to drop off my brothers dog 10 miles away.. Although I'm one of the approx. 10 % of millions in Long Island & NJ that never lost power { my town is an incorporated village with it's own Power plant & not in a flood zone ** my generator would've kept my bike charged up & or ideally a Solar panel charging station which I'm looking into now. Even if my generator being was being used I'm still using an E-Bike that gets 1500 miles to the gallon better then my 2003 24 valve Mercury Sable that barley cracks 20 miles to the gallon.
The gas lines seem to be easing up a little I noticed they are about 3-4 blocks long now not 8-10.
Dougmc- I couldnt ride my regular bicycle to my Doctors office 14 miles away today 30 degrees 15 knot winds but the E-Bike did the trick, also I wouldnt ride a gas powered kit bike the Cops would be all over me too noisy & unreliable those little kit jobbies if thats what your refering too.
I guess you 2 guys dont agree that an E-Bike is an excellent vehicle to own in a situation like this, I'm not sure why but I see all these people lined up for gas for hours, State Police @ every station to control the angry Folk who's nerves have been pushed to the limits not pretty, so far I've avoided those lines

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