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I think my point was that if your power was out, and you did not have gas for your generator nor your car, your ebike would just be a peddle bike.

However, I think both of us were talking more generally than your specific case. Many people seem to think rechargeable batteries give you independence from the power gird. They do not, they are just as tied to the grid as all of our electric toys. A 50cc motor scooter will give you the same mobility as an electric bike and probably cost less to own and operate, but would not be as much fun.

The late Hugh Morton used to tell folks that there were 7 coal fired powerplants here in North Carolina that were grandfathered in and did not have to install emissions control systems, and that each one of them produced more pollution than all the cars in the state; so much for that clean electricity. Most people do not think things all the way through, before making unrealistic claims. Electric bicycles are quiet and fun, I do not think any more justification than that is needed.
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