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One thing about riding with studded tires, at least for me, is I have to get up earlier to leave at least 15 mins sooner to make up for the added resistance. And if they're calling for a snowstorm overnight, I've left as much as 45 mins ahead of when I normally do. You learn to listen carefully to the weatherman, especially if they are a good one at forecasting. Usually at this time of year the pavement is too warm for the snow to stick to and it clears off quick. That's the kind of stuff you want to pay attention to coming from your weatherman. But once everything gets frozen over a few times and they're calling for 10 inches overnight then you can start panicking, wondering whether or not you should do it. That's when you're thankful if your town does a good job of clearing the snow. But I've ridden thru plenty of snowstorms and only had the right tire track to ride on to stay up and keep moving. And I did that at 4am. That's when you're doing some winter biking. Every commute turns into an adventure.
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