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Originally Posted by modernjess View Post
Chef, I feel your pain. I love my studded tires for what they let me do, I hate them for what they make me do.

I understand you have been eager to get on the studs and try them out but I think you might now understand why I wait until the last possible minute to throw them on the commuter. Studs are for ice. The extra tread on my studded tires can provide some added stability in snow but I can ride really any tire in snow alone. I have ridden in snow on everything from a 23mm road tires to now my 4.8" Bud and Lou's on my Moonlander. All good. But the studs get put on the commuter when the ice starts to form around there that hasn't happened yet thankfully.

There is almost nothing more demoralizing to me than riding a single speed on studs in the snow in the dark into a 25mph headwind after a long day at work. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it makes your legs stronger and you'll be a beast come spring.... blah blah blah. That doesn't matter when you have your head down and you feel like you pedaling squares and going backwards and you just want to get home.

My point is, it might not be time to put them on yet. If it's icy, then go for it. If it's just snow that melts, wait.
Thank you for your post. I do think I was shooting from the hip too early when watching the news the night before. My quads are still paying the price and that was on only ONE studded tire. Think if I had the back one on and there was snow/ice. geeeze
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