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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
Pignon = "freewheel."

Yes, what you propose can be done and is probably the cheapest way to build a single speed conversion. But don't expect to easily move the chain from one cog to another without the derailleur. Depending on the length of the slots in the rear dropouts, you probably can only accommodate a 2-3 tooth cog size difference without adjusting the chain length. Alternatively, you could leave the derailleur in place to function as a chain tensioner, but in that case, why bother with the conversion?
Ok thank you. I really don't need to change the gear while underway, but I thought it might be handy to leave all five cogs on the rear wheel. That way I won't need spacers or anything and whenever I feel uncomfortable with my gear ratio, I can put the chain on a cog with one tooth less or more. Leaving the derailleur is no option for me, since I want the bike as clean as possible (except for the rear cogs then...)
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