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6:28 for me. Awesome ride! My brother in law lead me out for the sprint (He's way freaking awesome). As stated by everyone else: Awesome event. Only thing I wish they could do is improve the Tucson road through the west pass... even with 25c tyres it was a rough ride.

I saw the wipeout at the fishline too, what a sad moment. They had to put him on a board and then a gurney, through I did see his knees start to sway after a few minutes which was encouraging. It was subdued for quite a while after, I don't think the crowd ever really recovered it's vigor after that.

Traffic the night before was pretty awful though.. apparently swelling the consumer population by 6k+ people can have a drag on the roads...

To the Bike Patrol... You Guys ROCKED! I never needed it but I saw plenty of people get aid fast, which was way cool. While going up the climbs a younger man had a 30+lb Bike Patrol pack on his back riding merrily along... That was quite impressive.
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