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Originally posted by Hants Commuter
Ok I get to say this cos I've got something to put all this in but I've also been in the very embarrassing situation of my frame mounted pump breaking when I was trying to blow up a tyre.
That's a good point. You can have problems with pumps, too. Here're some points to keep in mind if you use a frame pump.
Frame pump technique: When inflating the tire, support the pump head against a solid surface (fencepost, rock, etc.)... that is, don't push against the valve stem... you can break it off or damage the tube where the stem enters. And be careful when you remove the pump from the stem... same reason.
Make sure your pump is in working order: Once or twice a season, deflate your tire and pump it up to ride pressure with your frame pump. If you can't, repair or replace the pump. Once a year you should squirt a little silicone lubricant on a paper towel and run it up and down the inside of the pump barrel with a coat hanger or something. Wipe out the excess.
Be sure to get a frame pump that will allow you to actually inflate your tire to 100-120 psi. Some mini-pumps won't. Also, frame pumps that let you disable the spring-loaded head (that hold it in your frame) are easiest to use... Zefal HP-X or Topeak Road Master Blaster are two I know of off-hand that meet both criteria.

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