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Originally Posted by saddlesores View Post
just make it less convenient to walk off with.

bolt-on wheels w/standard hex bolts instead of QR. [my co-worker had a QR stolen
last month. he never noticed, until i asked him what's wrong with this picture.]

seatpost clamp with hex bolt. how often do you need to change the height anyway?

minimize removable stuff (take with when away) like computers and headlights and
clip-on pumps.

carry a decent cable lock for when you want to hike around angkor wat.

of course, if you're really paranoid, you could always weld shut your chain's
quick-release link..........
That about covers things for me. Here in Stuttgart, Germany, if you park the bike and take the train, most things that can come off the bike come with me. As for the rest of the bike, I use two different types of locks just to discourage someone. I've never had problems while on tours, just in the city.
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