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Originally Posted by Rnauth1418 View Post
To answer a few of the points you made:
1. I thought the bike was aluminum until I decided to do a Rockwell hardness test on it to find out how stiff the frame is. Having gotten a number that is representative of steel I classified it as a steel bike.
Try a magnet, dude.

Originally Posted by Rnauth1418 View Post
2. I've done my due diligence in terms of inspecting the bike. As a graduated engineer, I've gone over all the aspects of the bike in detail. The bottom bracket housing is a standard 68*117. The headset is in good shape, although I have replaced the bearings just for solidarity. The dropouts are semi horizontal and show no signs of serious wear.
If by bottom bracket housing you mean BB shell then the 68 part is standard. 117 sounds like a spindle width, has nothing to do with the shell. Fresh bearings for solidarity!

Originally Posted by Rnauth1418 View Post
3. The frame is a component of the bike. It's integrity is of issue. It is a low end frame however it is well made and is structurally solid. I'm in no way saying that cheap components will be of the same quality as high end components. I am saying that low end components are not representative of being unusable or mechanically unsound.

4. If the rear hub is properly spaced, and then the reaction of forces from the axel bolts on the frame will be equal and negate each other. The only issue would be interface stress on the sides of the dropouts. Compressive ssive strength of steel (or Even aluminum if I am not being consistent). Is much higher than can be cracked by means of hand tools. Thus cracking the frame from using track bolts would be a result of improper installation of the read wheel.
You worry about some weird things. Cracking dropouts with track nuts?

Originally Posted by Rnauth1418 View Post
Not to sound rude or pretentious(I honestly don't mean to be. I I think these forums are riden with people who like to be disruptive rather than helpful. I therefor I appreciate any constructive feedback and try not to be part of the problem) , but what is your point in saying that I will be throwing money away in this project?
You don't sound pretentious, you just sound like someone with too much book learning and not enough hands-on learning.

Yes you will be throwing money away with this project but you might learn some things. Don't pay someone $100 to paint it. Don't spend more than $10 on painting supplies. Sand then wipe down with alcohol or acetone or something to get all the sanding dust off.
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