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Wow . . . . 17 replies in 12 hours, great. Thank you all for the information, I did order the Front City Roller to try on my commuter bike, thinking that if I liked them I would buy rears too.
Axiom bags would do most probably but with the weather in Auckland it is impossible to predict the days weather, quite windy one minute then no wind but extreme humidity(sometimes up to 99 percent in the shade) then rain cloud's,then heavy rain,hard and fast, though long enough to soak you to the bone . . then sunshine?! I have had all this happen in about an hour!
I think I am going to try to get my boss to let me order Ortlieb as he said OK when I ordered them and then well . . . We have Axiom waterproof at the shop now,which I think he wants me to take but I am going to hold out though.

Any pics of bikes with Axiom bags that people would be willing to show?
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