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The touring you've suggested, where you start from the same base camp in a different direction each day, can be a lot of fun. One advantage is that you can get to see a lot more in a smaller area than if you just stay there a night or two before moving on.

I haven't been to Europe, but the Pacific Northwest has hills. Big hills. You cannot avoid them. Also, the Pacific Northwest is a heavily populated area, so there are some roads which will be too busy or too congested for enjoyable cycling. When I was in the Seattle area in late spring, I found Google Maps helpful in mapping out cycling routes. There are also some great cycling paths in that area. If you want to do the hub-and-spokes tour plan you've suggested, you will have a predominantly urban experience. This may or may not be what you want.

If you go north into British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria both have extremely good cycling cultures. Again, Vancouver is a large urban area and while you can find beautiful natural areas, you'll also contend with urban cycling conditions.
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