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Originally Posted by VanTiki View Post
After spending a few years falling deeply in love with my Big Dummy, I've considering what I think may be the final Major Upgrade: Hydraulic Brakes. 90% of the time I'm on the bike, I have an adult riding on the back with me. With all the weight, the brakes get quite the workout, and I'm having to adjust the rear brake almost monthly due to cable stretch.

Are hydraulic brakes truly the answer to my prayers? If so - which model has worked for you folks?

Thank you!
I have had a YUBA for over a year with cable operated Avid BB7's and love them. I haven't used hydraulics on any bikes yet, so can't compare, but the Avids work great, and are low cost. I have a 180 on the back and a 160 on the front. Replacing rear wheel is a little tough with the disc, and sometimes wonder if I should have kept cantilever brakes on the back, with a disc on the front???
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